It is estimated that every year, our industries lose about 150000 crores due to corrosion and wear problems and that is about 1.5% of our GDP. In fact, a major part of these losses can be saved by proper planning of corrosion and wear preventive measures.

We at DUROMAX, are in a continuous process of innovating and developing products and systems to save this. A novel approach towards this is to study wear factors of applications in industries and develop products and procedures to tackle wear problems. So far it has been a very successful journey with about 90- 95 % success rate of the jobs we have done. Close contact with customers and their suggestions have been important to us and continuous improvement has been the hallmark of our organization. Products and systems are reviewed periodically and improved upon using latest developments and feedback from the customers.

Unique Features

  • High Mechanical Strengths
  • High water, Chemicals, acid and alkali resistance
  • Excellent Adhesion to practically ass substrates, Concrete, Metals, Glass, Plastics
  • Good impact and Abrasion properties
  • Hygienic Fungus and dirt proof seamless covering
  • Easy maintenance

Application Areas

  • Civil Engg. Applications like concrete crack repairs, Foundation repairs and grouting, Leakage repairs, Floor protection from oils, chemicals, Acid drains, Bunds, Sugar & Food Godowns, Warehousing floor, Hospitals & Lab for dust and food free floors and walls, Vehicle W/s and many more.
  • Tanks, Vessels, Pipelines, Valves, Pumps, Fan blades, Silos, Heat exchangers, Condensers, Cooling Towers, Cold and Hot water system Etc.


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